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In Bulgaria the “Green belt” initiative is being coordinated by Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BFB).


 strive for enhancement of the protected areas network in Bulgaria
 support wider involvement for management of the protected areas
 promote integration of biodiversity concerns into economic sectors
 involve local people in practical activities for nature conservation
 support pro-biodiversity businesses
 work for the enhancement of the environmental legislation
 create models for education in conservation biology
 develop management plans for protected areas, action plans for priority species, regional and municipal plans for development
 foster national campaigns for an appreciation of Bulgarian nature
 promote biodiversity in its social, ethical, cultural and economic dimensions
 maintain the Bulgarian Biodiversity Clearing House Mechanism in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Water

BFB is a nongovernmental organization, member of IUCN, which mission is to contribute to biodiversity conservation and natural heritage in Bulgaria and neighbor countries in Southeastern Europe. Biodiversity Foundation unites people with different ideas for conservation of Bulgarian nature. The conservation of natural resources, alteration of the attitude to protected areas and realization of the opportunities, benefits and responsibilities is our mission.

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