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The Frankfurt Zoological Society is an international organization for conservation of nature, established in 1858. Its work aims biodiversity conservation and natural habitats preservation. Since 2006 Frankfurt Zoological association has been supporting Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation in creating the Greenbelt and declaring protected territories in the Bulgarian part of Belasitza and Osogovo mountains.


The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation ’SDC’ financed a three year project of BBF - “Partnership for Biodiversity – the nature beyond conservation” and supports activities in the regions of the Green belt. 



The World Conservation Union (IUCN) – One of the oldest and largest organizations in the world initiating and coordinating the Green belt initiative in whole Europe.


In Western Stara Planina Mountain the Regional Environmental centre (REC) – Bulgarian branch accomplishes activities for trans-boundary management of common natural resources and development of practices for nature awareness.


“Green Balkans” is a Federation of four nongovernmental conservation organizations. In recent years a part of the activities is orientated to conservation of Bulgarian nature in the regions of the Rhodopes and Sakar.



Macedonian Ecology Society

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