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The competition

In 2006 BBF organized a photography contest “The Green belt” in which more than 100 authors with over 2500 creations participated. Part of the photographers entered the contest through, others brought themselves their photographs to our office. The commission had significant difficulty in selecting only 50 photographs to be included in the exhibition. Ultimately, the selected ones were those which best represented the border territories included in the Green belt - Western Stara Planina, Kraishte, Osogovo, Vlahina, Maleshevska, Ograzhden, Belasitza, Slavyanka, The Rhodopes and Strandjha.
In our competition there is no 1st or 2nd place, because the concept is those still preserved places that carry the spirit of the past, the beauty of the conserved wild nature and the temper of the local people who lived long years in the noose of the Iron Curtain, could be revealed through the masterly eye of the photographers.
That is why the exhibition has an interesting name “The Green belt- sites ForBidden, ForGotten, ForProtection…”


Ilian Dukov - The White Belasitza
B. Rashev - Belasitsa
B. Rashev - Lilium albanicum
Boyan Rashev - Chestnut
Daniela Ribarska - Borderland
St. Ivanov - A view from Congur Peak

Vl.Dinkov - Colours from Dospat
Vl.Dinkov - Sunset
Vl.Dinkov - A memory for Dospat
Eastern Rhodopes

Al. Dishkov - Devil's work
Sv. Taushanov - Liubimets
Sv. Taushanov - Djebel

D. Popova - Erma River Gordge
Denitza Popova - Mramor village
Jana Jankova - Zemen Gorge
Krasen Pejchev - Bulgarians abroad

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