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The Birthday of Stranja nature park

Stranja Nature park was proclaimed on the 24 of January 1995. Today it is its 15th birthday. The park was proclaimed in order to protect the unique biodiversity of the mountain.

Sociologicla research in Stranja

During December 2009 on the territory of Stranja was conducted a sociological research as part of the project "Cooperation in protection of the biodiversity and sustainable local development in Stranja mountain"

A new Nature Park in Bulgaria – part of the European Green Belt

The new year started with a wonderful news – the proclamation of the newest Nature park in Bulgaria – Belasitsa. In the last day before Christmas, the Minister of Environment and Water signed the order for the park’s proclamation. The order will be enforced after its publishing in the State Gazette. This is the eleventh Nature Park in Bulgaria. The proclamation of Belasitsa Nature Park is a result of four years of efforts of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation. The park is a part of the Balkan Green Belt and the Natura 2000 network

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Competition for creation of a regional mark "Nature park Stranja"

We would like to inform you that the direction of Nature park Stranja announces a competition for creation of a logo, representing the new regional mark "Nature park Stranja".The logo will be placed on stickers, forms, envelopes, web sites and will be given to the certificated guest houses, products made in the park, services etc.

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Addresses of the participants in the My summer competition

As it was mentioned before, there are encouraging prizes for all of the people who participate in the competition My summer. In order to be able to send the prizes we need the postal addresses of all participants

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